ZISAR- Integrated Risk Analysis System- has been created within carrying out one of

`e-Clo` projects, as a part of `7 Oś Projektu Operacyjnego Innowacyjna Gospodarka`.


ZISAR is a set of control registers, support tools, essential for carrying out both analytical actions, and services of an automatic risk analysis, made available within `System Informacyjny Służby Celnej` (The Customs Service Information System)- SISC. The system consists of dedicated domain modules (that make using the system easier) in such areas as: ANALYSES (STATISTICS) and CONTROLS. 


The system constitutes support in carrying out processes of information assessment, carrying out risk analyses, when taking into account such factors, as: analytical data, setting risk profiles, and inspection order oriented towards a given object, with a simultaneous recommendation on the expected way of carrying out the control. 

The essential function of the system supplied is implementation of a common (for all the transaction systems of the Customs Service) `Risk analysis` service, the parameters of which are outlined both based on the set of analytical models, and allowing, within the closed circuit of information flow, the optimization of the information. The implementation and optimization, in question, are possible thanks to modification/ improvement carried out within an overview of effectiveness of recorded results.


Giving access to the system will allow to integrate the functionality (that had been diffused in various functionality systems so far) connected with risk analysis area, or the area of control. It also will allow to avoid the necessity of devoting the time required to repeated data input, as well as will improve the information circuit environment by redundant systems retirement.

Implementation- means optimization of information and resources management processes within the Customs Service; it will minimize all the requirements that exist in scope of involvement in the control area; it also will normalize a course of analytical processes, according to a methodology implemented, by outlining the parameters of the control; finally, for each risk area it will make a coherent control register available.  


Launch of ZISAR registers is being carried out in stages. It started with making, in mid- March 2015, resources available to analysts of the Customs Service, and will be finished on a day of production integration with transaction systems of the Customs Service, that be possible by giving access to `Risk analysis` service. The full implementation process should be completed by the end of 2015.


Izba Celna  w Rzepinie


Project Manager:

Robert Jędrzejko


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