ZEFIR 2 - Integrated Tax Receivables and Settlements with the EU and Budget. Implemented in the framework of the "Electronic Customs Project" (e-Customs), financed both by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the national budget in frame of the Operational Task Innovative Economy 2007-2013, "Subsidies for innovations". ZEFIR 2 is closely linked to other components of the e-Customs Project (ECIP / SEAP, PKI, AIS / CELINA, SZPROT, PDR, OSOZ 2, HERMES 2, ISZTAR 4, ARIADNA) and systems operating in the Customs Service: ESKS and Tax Administration: TREZOR 3, e-Registrations, as well as banking systems: NBP (National Bank of Poland) and BGK (National Economy Bank).

ZEFIR 2 system, used by all organization units of the Customs Service and in the area of ​​reporting and budgeting by the Ministry of Finance and the tax authorities, realizes ideas of ​​e-Customs Project in the area of duty collection and settlement with the European Union and the national Budget.
ZEFIR 2 system supports business processes relative to centralization of tasks in the area of ​​customs clearance and in the area of debtor, ie.:
- Designation of Director of the Customs Chamber in Cracow as appropriate throughout the territory of Poland to collect of customs duties, taxes, fees and surcharges and other charges;
- Designation of Director of the Customs Chamber in Szczecin as appropriate throughout the territory of Poland to perform the tasks in the debtor area.

ZEFIR 2 will allow a full range of settlements with traders, due to budget revenues in terms of duties and taxes - collected by the Customs Service and will financial and accounting support in centralized technology of Customs Service OUs, with full automation of reporting and budget analysis.
In terms of the interests of the Treasury the mail goal of ZEFIR 2 system is to meet the fiscal target, but the benefits can be seen also in the context of the taxpayer, for which, introduced a number of e-services and the automation system, results of easier contact the office, possibility of payment into the one bank account with automatic settlement of charges, obtain information about arrears and settlements of payments made on-line, as well as faster releases by ZEFIR 2 the guarantee balance in the system OSOZ 2.


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