SZPROT - The Integrated Commodity Trading Entrepreneurs' Registration System (SZPROT) was implemented under one of the projects of the "e-Customs Programme", in the framework of the 7th Axis of the Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

SZPROT is the system participating in the development process of external users' database for the Customs Service Information System (SISC) – economic operators and their representatives. SZPROT stores data concerning relations between economic operators and their representatives, in the scope of the authorisations granted.


The SZPROT System enables the integration of all registration activities in one place, accordingly, the submission of a single application for registration of an economic operator's data in SICS allows for operations in all areas of the Customs Service (duty, excise duty, games of chance and betting, other taxes, INTRASTAT).


In order to use the operational systems of the Customs Service (AIS, AES, ZEFIR2, NCTS2, AIS/INTRASTAT, EMCSPL2), each economic operator and its representative should register in SZPROT and hold an active ID SISC number (17-sign identifier assigned as a result of submission of the application for registration of the data of an economic operator or a natural person), the so-called "e-Client" service.


The SZPROT system also allows for the electronic processing of applications (from the moment of their electronic submission through the Electronic Platform of Customs Service – PUESC, until the receipt of the settlement). The integrated application processing service will be phased out in the the third and fourth quarter of 2015.


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