The main function of the MCA is to act as the interchange agent routing the messages  between the business systems used by Polish Customs Administration (PCA) and the systems of  other EU Customs Administrations as well as between the PCA business systems and the Central Services operated by the European Commission.

The MCA offers the following services:

- bi-directional message translation between  XML and EDIFACT formats,

- the monitoring of the status of MCA services along with the statuses of the services used by the MCA to interface with the business systems connected to the MCA.


MCA's infrastructure is deployed in the Ministry of Finance Data Centre in Radom.

Business and Technical Competence Centre (BTCC)  is located in Customs Chamber in Lodz.



Project Manager:

Zbigniew Juzoń


Business and Technical Competence Centre

tel. +48 42 638 8011 do 13



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