HELP DESK – The HELP DESK System was created as a part of the implementation of the projects of e-Customs Programme,  founded from the 7th Axis Innovative Economy Operational Programme.

HELP DESK is a system that provides the comprehensive support for customers using the services and systems shared by the Customs. Every customer who creates an account on the Customs Electronic Services Platform (PUESC) gets an access to the Help Desk System. The system allows to define the services (systems) from which the user would like to get a support. System provides users with an access to the knowledge base where they are able to  find some solutions by themselves. The users can keep a check on the status of their service requests sent to the Help Desk, submit additional information and attachments, get instant access to the given solutions and access to the history of their requests.  Users will also be able to make a complaint about given solutions and evaluate the requests implementations by filling in an online questionnaire or enter their own comments and suggestions about the Help Desk service. The HELP DESK System also provides the messages about failure or unavailability of Customs services.

HELP DESK System also handles the user's requests for different kinds of services, for example requests for unblocking the account, changing the login data, obtaining the approval for the use of emergency procedures.

HELP DESK system is an essential part of the Help Desk service, which relies on creating a single point of contact for customers using the Customs services and information systems. It is available round-the-clock and it assures an access to the service also via telephone and e-mail.

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